How Gifts Work甚麼是孩子有「禮」?

How Gifts Work甚麼是孩子有「禮」?

We have all received gifts before, but how many of them are actually useful?

This Christmas, you can surprise your friends and family, and send thoughtful and practical gifts to needy children far away. Choose a gift from the Gift Catalogue and send it to a needy child on their behalf. You can also send a card to surprise and share the joy of helping others with them. Let’s begin the 3 steps of giving now!



How Gifts Work

The gifts that you choose will support World Vision’s five areas of development, namely, Childcare, Education, Livelihood, Water & Health and Infrastructure. For example, the money you spend on seeds will support Livelihood’s agricultural development projects that provide seeds and relevant training for impoverished families. 你買的禮物可以支持宣明會在貧困社區推行的五大發展範疇,包括:兒童關顧、教育、經濟生計、水利及健康和社區建設。例如,你買種子的金錢會用來支持「經濟生計」的農耕發展項目,為貧困家庭提供種子和相關培訓。相關培訓。

Any excess funds raised from a specific gift item will support other items from the same category or World Vision’s related poverty alleviation work.倘若指定禮物所籌款項超過預期,餘款將用作支持孩子有「禮」內相同範疇的項目或宣明會相關扶貧工作。

LivelihoodHelps communities to increase crop yield and facilitates business farming through provision of livestock, tools, training and networking. See all related gifts經濟生計透過提供牲畜、工具、培訓以及協助建立市場網絡,讓村民的農作物收成增加,並促進農業發展。瀏覽相關禮物

Send a card and share the joy of helping others

Once you have chosen a gift, you may also choose a card, sign it, send it to your friends and family, and share with them the joy of helping others. You may have it delivered by the following methods.選好禮物後,你還可以揀選心意卡,並加上祝福語,寄給你的親友,跟他們分享助人的喜悅。你可選擇以下寄送方式:

Send a Card On Facebook於Facebook送心意卡
Print and Mail Your Card自行列印及郵寄心意卡

Remarks: Maybe you don’t need a card for your gift. Simply select ‘No Card’ in the gift basket.註:或許,一份禮物就已足夠。如果你毋須心意卡,請剔選「不用心意卡」。

A gift can double the joy! Choose your gift now!一份禮物,帶來雙倍快樂!

Choose a gift, write a card, make your payment and send the gift. Simple!選禮物、寫心意卡、付款、送禮物!

It is equally gratifying to give and to receive. Share the joy of giving with your friends and family now!施與受同樣快樂,立刻與親友分享