Why It's Great禮物帶來改變

Why It's Great禮物帶來改變

How Does a Goat Make Such a Difference

A goat might not seem like much but it can make a huge difference to a family in need…雖然小山羊看起來微不足道,但牠所帶來的改變卻大得不可言喻……

Gifts in Action

Take a few minutes to read some of the heart-warming stories about how your gifts have helped families around the world.花幾分鐘閱讀以下故事,看看你送的禮物,怎樣改變貧困家庭的生活!

Goats keep dreams alive山羊 延續夢想

Born in a poor family in Vietnam, Trau was orphaned when he was only 5. His aunt was kind enough to adopt him, but her family had been struggling with poverty, poor health and seasonal flooding, rendering her difficult to pay for her children’s and Trau’s tuition fees.阿朝生於越南一個貧窮家庭,5歲時就成為孤兒。他幸得姨姨收養,但這個家庭在貧窮和疾病中掙扎求存,又要面對雨季時的洪水,難以負擔自家孩子和阿朝的學費。

The family’s situation changed when they received two breeding goats and training on breeding techniques, a gift by Hong Kong donors last Christmas. All these have allowed them to earn extra income, as well as providing education, nutritious food and better healthcare for the children.因著香港捐助者去年的送贈,姨姨一家人得到兩隻山羊和繁殖山羊的技術培訓。他們獲得額外收入,可以向孩子提供教育、營養食物和更好的醫療。

“I no longer have to worry about the tuition fees. I will try my best to study well, so that I can be a doctor in the future,” Trau says cheerfully as he looks at his goats. He has received a certificate of merit at school for his outstanding academic performance.「我不再擔心學費了。我會努力學習,希望將來能夠當醫生。」阿朝望著他的羊,愉快地說。阿朝更在學校取得學業優異獎呢!

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New borehole = Clean Water + Good Health - Danger新水井 = 清潔食水 + 健康身體 – 路上危險

In Malawi, 10-year-old Tsala and her friends used to go to fetch water from a small stream for household use.在馬拉維,10歲的莎拉和她的朋友經常要到小溪取水,供家庭使用。

Located almost half a kilometre from Tsala’s home, the stream usually dries up during summer and gets engulfed by plants during the rainy season, providing a habitat for dangerous reptiles, particularly snakes. Besides the risk of being harmed, the water that Tsala and her friends used to get from the stream was very dirty and contaminated. That ended when World Vision drilled a borehole in Tsala’s community.小溪距離莎拉的家半公里,夏季時常常乾涸,雨季時則被植物包圍,有危險的爬蟲例如蛇在其中。除了取水環境危機四伏,莎拉和朋友們所取的溪水也非常污濁,還受到感染。直至宣明會在莎拉的社區開鑿水井,情況改變了。

“We saw a lot of water coming out. The water shot up to the sky and fell on the ground. I have never seen so much water in my life!” Exclaims Tsala. Since then, community members have abandoned their previous water source.「我們看著許多的水流出,水柱射上高空再落到地上,我從未見過這麼多的水!」莎拉驚嘆。此後,村民都不再到從前污濁的水源取水。

“[In the past] I could not go to school because of diarrhoea. The water we drink now looks clean. I no longer visit the toilet many times.” she says.「以前我常常因為腹瀉而不能上學。現在有清潔的水喝,我不再經常上廁所了。」莎拉說。

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Sewing hope back into a family縫鞋機 讓家庭重建希望

“Life was hard in the countryside,” says Oyuntsetseg of Mongolia. Her son Baasandorj attends grade six and is a sponsored child.「在野外放牧的生活非常艱苦。」蒙古的奧雲瑟特格說。她的兒子巴撒多尼今年上小學六年級,是一名助養兒童。

In 2000, they moved into the city in search of a better life. Oyuntsetseg worked as a cleaner and her income was meagre. Later, they obtained an electric sewing machine from World Vision, and this allowed them to start making shoes and earn more. “Now we have six sewing machines and life for my children is totally different. Now we have a nice life,” she says. “When I was sewing by hand, we lived one day at a time with no vision for the future.” Now, they are able to support Baasandorj’s education with the income generated by selling shoes.2000年,他們為了生計舉家搬到城市,奧雲瑟特格當清潔工人,收入微薄。及後,她們從宣明會獲得了一部縫鞋機,成為重要的謀生工具,增加了家庭收入。「我們現在擁有六部縫鞋機,生活跟以前截然不同了。」奧雲瑟特格解釋道。「從前我用雙手縫鞋,只能勉強度日,對未來沒有任何希望。」現在,賣鞋的收入足以供孩子讀書。

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Walking out of poverty on a cow一頭母牛 脫貧之源

After making her way through the vegetable garden, Rathimalar, 11, shows us the enclosure of Lakshmi, a cow that was provided to her family by World Vision in a remote community in Sri Lanka.跑過菜園,11歲的拉蒂瑪拉帶我們來到拉撒米的家。拉撒米是宣明會今年送贈給她們一家的母牛,住在斯里蘭卡偏遠的村落。

Sevagaperumal, Rathimalar’s father, works as a sundry worker on a tea estate and earns around HK$500 a month, a sum insufficient to sustain the family. His wife went abroad to work as a housemaid for two years, but has been unable to find a job upon her return, leaving the family in greater financial difficulties.拉蒂瑪拉的爸爸西華家柏魯默在茶園裡當雜工,每月賺取約港幣500元的工資,難以負擔家庭開支。媽媽曾往國外當了兩年家傭,但回國之後一直找不到工作,令一家的生活更為拮据。

Lakshmi and training brought hope to their family. The extra income provided through the sale of milk enabled them to buy a tuk-tuk, pay for the two children’s education and expand additional farmland.母牛和畜牧培訓為他們一家帶來希望。出售牛奶為他們帶來額外收入,現在他們不僅有能力購買三輪車代步,還可以負擔兩個孩子的教育費用和開闢更多耕地。

“Thanks to the extra income we earn through the sale of milk, we are able to send her for special classes. She has improved in her rank in class – from 39th to the 5th,” says Sevagaperumal. “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher!” Rathimalar says confidently.「多得賣牛奶賺來的錢,我們可以讓拉蒂瑪拉上補習班。她的學業大有進步,由第39名至現在第5名。」西華家柏魯默自豪地說。「長大之後,我希望成為老師!」拉蒂瑪拉充滿自信地說。

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Racing towards dreams on a rickshaw人力車 載夢飛翔

10-year-old Anjali lives in one of the slums in northern India. Her father Ramu has always been a rickshaw driver, but as the rickshaw was hired, only little was left for him after the rent was paid.安加莉今年10歲,住在印度北面的一個貧民窟。她的爸爸拉姆一向靠踏人力車載客為生,但由於車輛是租回來的,所以扣除租金後,收入很少。

Since receiving a rickshaw from World Vision, Ramu has been able to earn more. He plans to buy an auto-rickshaw which would allow him to serve more passengers. His wife has also completed a course in sewing run by World Vision. She is now employed as a teacher at a local tailoring institute.自從得到宣明會捐助者送贈的人力車,拉姆的收入才增加了。他把賺回來的錢儲起來,計劃買一部自動人力車,方便接載更多乘客。安加莉的媽媽也在宣明會建立的婦女小組完成了裁縫培訓班,現在於當地學校教授裁縫技術。

“World Vision has shown the way to the people in our community. Now we can walk ahead,” says Ramu.「宣明會為我們的社區帶來了新出路,現在我們可以邁步向前了。」拉姆開心地說。

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Seeds + Chicks = Way out of Poverty種子+小雞 打開脫貧之路

“I was very worried about my son’s health,” says Begum who lives in a village in Bangladesh. The family of four lived a hand-to-mouth life as they relied on her husband’s day labour income (less than HK$400 a month) for living.「看著兒子瘦弱的身體,我不知道該怎麼辦。」住在孟加拉村落的比甘,一家四口單靠她丈夫做苦力為生,每月收入不足400港元。

Two years ago, World Vision visited Begum’s family and found that her 2-year-old son Mahfuj was suffering from malnutrition because of poor nutrient intake. Through World Vision, donors from Hong Kong gave them a gift of seeds, and they also participated in training to learn rearing chickens and planting vegetables. Begum then applied her improved skills and built new chicken nest for her chickens.宣明會兩年前探訪他們,發現2歲的小兒子曼孚患上營養不良,原來孩子一直未能吸收必需的營養。後來,比甘得到香港捐助者送贈的種子,加上宣明會提供的種植和家禽飼養訓練,學懂多種農作物的種植方法,又學會飼養雞隻和搭建特製雞舍。

Today, Begum is able to provide nutritious meals for her children. They yield more crops and eggs which bring in additional income for the family. “I hope to see my children with good health and going to school. I also want to run a small business and lift ourselves out of poverty!” says Begum.今天,她不但讓孩子有營養均衡的膳食,額外的收成和雞蛋更可帶來收入,「我的夢想是讓孩子身體健康,接受教育。現在我有多一個夢,就是做小生意,讓我們一家可以脫貧。」

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Not an Outcast Anymore讓孩子不再孤單 夢想不再遙遠

“I want to be an engineer someday because I like maths… I love playing cricket, it’d be great if I could be a famous cricketer when I grow up!” says Ruwan (15) who likes mathematics, language class and cricket. The Sri Lankan youngster has so much enthusiasm for his future.「我喜歡數學,長大後我想做工程師!……我很喜歡打板球,如果將來我可以成為出色的板球員就好了!」15歲的胡雲(化名)喜歡數學,喜歡語文,也喜歡打板球,這名年紀輕輕的斯里蘭卡男孩對未來充滿盼望。

11 years ago, Ruwan was homeless. His mother left for work in the Middle East. His father was too ill to take care of him and sent him to his aunt, but he was then abandoned. The 4-year-old was lost on the streets until the staff of the street children’s centre found him and took him back to the centre.上進的胡雲,11年前卻是個無家可歸的孩子。媽媽為了生計遠赴中東打工,爸爸因病,將他送交阿姨照顧卻遭遺棄。4歲的胡雲最終成為街童,直至街童中心的職員發現了他,把他帶回中心。

Today, he is a promising student in a nearby school. The centre also offers other activities to children, for example, art therapy for children to express their innermost feelings and needs, and outdoor activities to help children learn about the nature.現在胡雲在街童中心附近的學校上課,成績名列前茅。中心除了照顧孩子的日常生活,亦舉辦不同活動,例如:透過藝術治療,了解孩子的內心感受和需要;還會帶孩子到戶外認識大自然。

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Goats that Fulfil a Father’s Dream只是幾隻羊 完成爸爸心願

U Kan, a 45-year-old farmer and his family live in the central dry zone of Myanmar. Though he knew the weather patterns very well, there was a time he was caught off guard by the extreme lack of rain…45歲的宇加和家人住在緬甸中部,務農為生,當地經常出現乾旱情況。熟悉當地天氣的他,滿心以為雨季來臨會帶來豐收,怎料……

“We planted and hoped for a little rain. But there's no rain,” he recalls. “We got almost nothing from our farm. It was a total failure.” Looking at his two acres of farm land, on which he normally grows nuts, sesame and beans, U Kan could only sigh. 「以為天會下一點點雨,不過就是沒有……田地太乾旱,根本沒有任何收成,農作物都失收了……」望著自己的兩畝農田,宇加只能無奈嘆氣,原本應有的果實、芝麻和豆,現在都沒有了。

With such poor harvest, U Kan had no choice but to sell some male goats to pay for his children’s education. But later on, World Vision provided seven female goats for U Kan. “Had World Vision not supported us we would be living with a huge debt by now,” explains U Kan. Local loan sharks often charge farmers a very high interest rate.收成不佳,但需要支付孩子的學費,宇加只好變賣了家裡的公羊來維持生計。後來,宣明會送了7隻母羊給宇加。「如果沒有宣明會送的羊,我們一家現在應該負債纍纍。」當地的高利貸通常向貧苦的農夫收取超高利息。

Today, U Kan is keeping 20 goats! “We can now sell some goats to increase our income. Also, goat manures are great source of fertilisers and can be sold for good prices.” With a more stable income, U Kan does not need to worry about his children’s education expenses now!現在,宇加已經擁有20隻羊了!「我們定期賣掉一些公羊,而且羊糞是上佳的自然肥料,價錢也賣得不錯。」有了穩定的收入,宇加不用再擔心孩子的學費了!

“I had to drop out of school, because my parents could not afford it. I would not let this happen to my children,” he says with great determination. 宇加說:「以前爸媽沒有足夠金錢送我上學,我不會讓同樣的事情發生在我的孩子身上!」

The increase in the number of livestock has changed the daily schedule of the children. “In the past, they had nothing to do after class, now they help me pasturing,” says U Kan, expressing his satisfaction.家裡多了牲畜,孩子的生活也因此有所轉變。「以前,他們放學後沒地方玩;現在,他們會幫我放羊呢!」爸爸宇加笑著說。

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A gift can double the joy! Choose your gift now!一份禮物,帶來雙倍快樂!

Choose a gift, write a card, make your payment and send the gift. Simple!選禮物、寫心意卡、付款、送禮物!

It is equally gratifying to give and to receive. Share the joy of giving with your friends and family now!施與受同樣快樂,立刻與親友分享